The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes

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Create a Premium WordPress Theme From Scratch. Learn All About WordPress Theme Development. Get Approved On Themeforest.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to code and create premium WordPress themes that pass the ThemeForest review.
  • Use NPM/Yarn and Gulp to create a workflow for an efficient and reusable WordPress theme.
  • Discover all core aspects of creating a WordPress theme.
  • Learn how to create a secure and translation ready WordPress theme.
  • Learn How to make your theme customizable with WordPress's Customizer API.
  • Write Javascript using the latest ES6+ versions.
  • Create custom WordPress widgets and integrate them with Customizer.
  • Create custom post types and custom taxonomies.
  • Learn about shortcodes and how to create them.
  • Learn how your WordPress website can be more accessible.
  • Create basic plugins and learn how to properly include them in your theme.
  • Make your theme modifiable with child themes.
  • Understand how things work in WordPress in a deeper way by digging into the source code.
  • Create themes that are compatible with the new editor ‘Gutenberg'


  • You should have a good understanding of general programming concepts
  • You should be familiar with HTML, CSS (SASS), Javascript, and PHP basics.
  • Any code editor you are comfortable with, I will use VS Code in this code.
  • A local server like MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP, Laragon, or any other software you are familiar with. I will use MAMP throughout this course.
  • NodeJS and NPM or Yarn installed on your machine.
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Build A Premium Wordpress Theme: Create Wordpress Themes: How To Create A Premium Wordpress Theme From Scratch For Themeforest

In this The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes course, you will find out everything you will need to develop premium WordPress themes that are ensured to get accepted on marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Become a WordPress themes specialist and earn money online by publishing your themes!

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Understand WordPress ideas in more depth and find out how things work behind the scenes.

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Create a secure Wordpress theme that is ensured to pass themeforest's security evaluation.

Find out how to make your theme translatable.

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Explore some advanced JavaScript workflows that will help you automate regular jobs like minifying CSS.

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Understand WordPress's actions and filters.

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Make your themes modifiable by understanding kid themes.

Include powerful options to your theme using the powerful WordPress Customizer API.

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Make your theme compatible with the new WordPress editor ‘Gutenberg'.

Explore web accessibility and get some tips on how to make your theme more available.

Create WordPress plugins that will supplement your theme.

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Learn everything about WordPress performances like sidebars, navigation menus, custom-made fields, shortcodes, post formats, custom-made post types, custom-made taxonomies, custom-made widgets and more.

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Take your WordPress understanding to the next level.

Are you aiming to code premium WordPress themes that will pass the coding standards examine on websites like ThemeForest?

Do you have great styles or you work with a designer and you have HTML/CSS/JS/ PHP knowledge and you wish to convert your designs into fantastic WordPress themes?

Do you have some WordPress knowledge and you wish to broaden your understanding and get much deeper into the word of WordPress and have the ability to offer themes online?

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This course is for you!

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The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes course is the essence of my experience with submitting themes to ThemeForest. In these lectures, I will share everything I understand about creating WordPress themes. After completing The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes course, you will have the ability to develop themes coded to match WordPress's and Themeforest's coding and security requirements. You must have no problems passing ThemeForest's code evaluation as long as you have a fantastic design!

This is not a Design/CSS/HTML/ PHP course!!! If you are looking for that, I am sure you will discover a lot of other resources. In this The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes course I will simply concentrate on WordPress functionality. I will pack some prewritten basic CSS I did for the theme that we will develop, the objective is just to develop WordPress functionality and understand WordPress in more depth. I will nevertheless teach you how to arrange your CSS, put together SASS, and minify your files immediately. You need to have some basic PHP understanding. I will not teach you PHP from scratch here, so if you have an interest in taking this course, I recommend taking a beginner's PHP course first!

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Who is the target market?

Developers who have HTML/CSS/JS/ PHP understanding and wish to create expert WordPress themes from scratch.

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WordPress developers who wish to take their WordPress understanding to the next level.

WordPress developers aiming to develop premium themes that get approved on websites like themeforest.

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Anybody thinking about finding out innovative WordPress and Javascript ideas.

wordpresstheme #createpremiumwordpresstheme #buildwordpressthemes.

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Who this course is for:.

  • Developers who have HTML/CSS/JS/ PHP understanding and desire to create professional WordPress themes from scratch.
  • WordPress developers who want to take their WordPress knowledge to the next level.
  • WordPress developers wanting to create premium themes that get approved on websites like ThemeForest.
  • Anybody thinking about learning advanced WordPress and Javascript ideas.

Created by Ali Alaa
Last updated 2/2021

Size: 10.69 GB

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