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Master statistics & machine learning: intuition, math, codeudemy.comUDL0958Pending
Drum Programming Masterclass: COMPLETE (Parts 1, 2, and 3)udemy.comUDL0957Pending
Interviewing Skills: Ace The Job Search in Difficult Timesudemy.comUDL0956Pending
MERN Stack: React, Socket io, Nextjs, Express, MongoDB, Nodejsudemy.comUDL0955Pending
Vim Masterclassudemy.comUDL0954Pending
Ace of Riggingudemy.comUDL0953Pending
Accounting–Financial Accounting Total-Beginners to Advancedudemy.comUDL0952Pending
Complete Beginners Guide to Learning PHPudemy.comUDL0951Pending
NCBI Mastery- A Beginner's Guide to Bioinformaticudemy.comUDL0950Pending
Breathing Bootcamp for Singersudemy.comUDL0949Pending
 Course URL ID Status


  1. Please do well to search for your preferred course on the site before filling the request form.
  2. Search for your course in the request table and only submit a request if the course has not yet been requested.
  3. Use correct details if you want us to take your request seriously. (If you use fake credentials, your request may end up in spam, and I might not get to see it. Your IP will also get flagged for spam, and subsequent requests will be flagged for spam automatically.)
  4. A Person Can Only Request One Course In a Week, If We Find Two or more requests From Same Person We Will Never Publish His/Her Requested Courses.
  5. Do Not Request an Old Course From 2016.
  6. Never Request Low Enrolled Student Courses. Minimum 3,000 Enrolled Required. We will block you if you request a course with less than 3000 enrollment.
  7. Request Course and sit Back, We Will Do Our Best To Provide You the Course.
  8. Only Udemy Courses Are Posted on This Website. Please Do Not Request Courses from other websites.


Not accepting requests at the moment until July 15th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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