React, NextJS and Golang: A Rapid Guide – Advanced

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Use React with Typescript, Next.js, Redux, Docker, Redis, Stripe, & channels, Frontend & Backend Filtering.

What you'll learn

  • Use Docker
  • Login with HttpOnly Cookies and Multiple user Scopes
  • Caching with Redis
  • Paying with Stripe
  • Different types of Users
  • Gorutines and Channels
  • React Hooks with Typescript
  • React Material UI
  • Use Redux


  • Good understanding of Golang
  • Good understanding of React


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This React, NextJS and Golang: A Rapid Guide – Advanced course will teach you how to create an Ambassador App with React, NextJS, and Golang. Three frontend apps, Checkout, Ambassador, and Admin, will be built, and they will consume a big Golang API.

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In Go you will learn: 

  • Use Docker
  • Use the Fiber framework inspired by express.js
  • Create public and secure routes
  • Connect with MySQL
  • Run Migrations
  • Generate Jwt Tokens
  • Use HttpOnly Cookies
  • Login with Scopes
  • Use Gorutines
  • Use Channels
  • Use Golang with Redis
  • Use Stripe
  • Sending Emails
  • Filter Cached Products

In React you will learn:

  • Create a React project with Typescript
  • Create a Next.js project with Typescript
  • React Material UI
  • Use Redux
  • Use React Hooks
  • Create public and private routes
  • Restrict routes for unauthorized users
  • Use Stripe

My expertise includes full stack development with over 10 years of experience. Clean code is essential to me, and I try to write the cleanest code I can for my React, NextJS and Golang: A Rapid Guide – Advanced courses.

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Having a straightforward teaching style, I will not spend too much time explaining all the ways you can create something or any other unnecessary information to increase the length of my lectures. You can learn things quickly with this React, NextJS and Golang: A Rapid Guide – Advanced course if you want.

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Within 12 hours of posting any question relating to coding, I will offer you my assistance. Helping my students is something I do very actively.

Don't let this React, NextJS and Golang: A Rapid Guide – Advanced course pass you by. Try it now and your expectations will be exceeded.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers that want to learn new concepts fast
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Created by Antonio Papa
Last updated 5/2021
Size: 3.4 GB

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