LaTeX with Texmaker and Overleaf: the one-stop LaTeX course

Create professional documents of premium typographical quality

What you'll learn

  • How to use Texmaker and Overleaf to edit LaTeX markup and create beautiful documents.
  • How to install Texmaker and the LaTeX distribution MiKTeX.
  • How to set up the preamble for a LaTeX project.
  • How to create a title page.
  • How to create different sections and chapters in LaTeX.
  • How to add figures in LaTeX.
  • How to create lists and tables.
  • How to typeset mathematics properly using LaTeX
  • How to build a database of sources using the Mendeley reference manager.
  • How to cite a reference in LaTeX and create a list of references.
  • How to create a professional CV using LaTex with an Overleaf template
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  • Be able to use a personal computer.


This LaTeX with Texmaker and Overleaf: the one-stop LaTeX course allows the student to be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to start using LaTeX as a professional typesettin

g tool. The LaTeX with Texmaker and Overleaf: the one-stop LaTeX course covers all the concepts needed by an individual for the use of LaTeX in the professional as well as academic environment.

The LaTeX with Texmaker and Overleaf: the one-stop LaTeX course follows a natural flow, starting from the installation of the appropriate LaTeX distribution and editor, to the creation of an advanced document. The use of Mendeley as a reference manager and Overleaf as an online collaborative LaTeX editor is also highlighted.

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Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking to create documents of premium quality.
  • Students looking to create a professional and standout thesis or report.
  • Researchers writing articles for academic journals.
  • Writers planning on typesetting a book for publication.

Created by Foster Lubbe
Last updated 7/2020
Size: 737.77 MB

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