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Graph Theory Algorithms

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A complete overview of graph theory algorithms in computer science and mathematics.

What you'll learn

  • Storage and representation of graphs (networks) on a computer
  • Common graph theory problems
  • Breadth-first search algorithm
  • Depth-first search algorithm
  • Various tree algorithms including the height of a tree, finding the center of a tree, rooting a tree, and etc…
  • Dijkstra's algorithm
  • Topological sort algorithm
  • Shortest/longest path on an acyclic graph
  • Bellman Ford's algorithm
  • Floyd-Warshall all pairs shortest path algorithm
  • Finding bridges/articulation points
  • Finding strongly connected components (Tarjan's)
  • Traveling salesman problem (TSP)
  • How to find the maximum flow of a flow graph
  • Finding bipartite graph matchings
  • Various network flow algorithms including Edmonds-Karp, Capacity Scaling, and Dinic's algorithm
  • Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm
  • The Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) Problem


  • Exposure to computer science fundamentals (e.g: data structures, recursion, classes, OOP)


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This course supplies a total intro to Graph Theory algorithms in computer technology.

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Subjects covered in these videos consist of: how to keep and represent graphs on a computer system; typical graph theory issues seen in the wild; popular graph traversal algorithms (DFS & BFS); & BFS ); Dijkstra's fastest course algorithm (both the lazy and exciting variation); what a topological sort is, how to discover one, and puts it's utilized; finding out about exploring unfavorable cycles and discovering quickest courses with the Bellman-Ford and Floyd-Warshall algorithms; identifying bridges and expression points in graphs; understanding and discovering highly linked parts with Tarjan's algorithm, and lastly fixing the taking a trip salesperson issue with vibrant programming.

Who this course is for:

  • Any person prepared for a deep dive into graph theory!
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