[Download] Full PHP & Swift. Create iOS Social App on Custom Backend

Learn to Create iOS Social App on Swift, Xcode & PHP, MySQL, HTML on Custom backend. Learn multi languages at one time

What you’ll learn
  • Create own social network on custom backend
  • Program own backend server

  • Code on Swift and Xcode

  • Code on PHP
  • Code on MySQL
  • Code on HTML
  • Develop outstanding animations and effects of App’s User Experience and User Interface
  • Build a professionally well-designed database
  • Create a live background view
  • Deep and advance programming
  • Code professional User Experience and User Interface
  • Select profile picture and save it in our server
  • Show all posts made by a user
  • Search users in the database with Swift
  • See all the users in the database with Swift
  • Go to Home Page of certain user
  • See posts made by a certain user
  • Add records to a database with Swift
  • Delete records from database with Swift
  • Search records in the database with Swift
  • Update records in the database with Swift
  • Upload files to database with Swift
  • Be a professional programmer
  • Make posts
  • Upload files to own server
  • Advance Swift & Xcode knowledge
  • Login
  • Sign Up
  • Email of restoration confirmation
  • Email of resetting and creating a new password
  • and many many more!
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  • You need only Mac OS
  • Create App to make you rich and popular? – Yes! We learn it.
  • Improve yourself FROM BEGINNER (average) TO ADVANCE? – Yew! You’ll be an Advance developer at completion.
  • Become a professional Server Developer? – Yes! We learn it.
  • Learn several languages at once? – Yes! We do it and combine them all together.
  • Create any in your mind? – Yes! We learn it.

You are, where you should be! Your destiny brought you here!


“Before I was using, Parse, Heroku, Firebase, as a backend, but I always wanted to create an app that will work on my independent server. With Akhmed’s course, I created my own social network along with my own server. My social network is getting popularity!” – S. Goethe

“Akhmed’s courses are very easy to follow. Akhmed shows difficult things in the easiest way. I am very happy with the result. He writes professional code.” – U. Shivaji

Programming skills?

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No development skills required. This course guides yours from scratch. I explain every detail of coding. I teach you several languages at once. I teach you to create outstanding iOS app working on your server you can make money from.

“Before I knew only Swift but with this course, I learned additionally PHP, MySQL, HTML. So, I am thinking to become a web developer as well, because now I have a good base!” – I. Christos

“Explanation is very clear. Akhmed is explaining every detail of programming. I’ve gotten good experience. Keep going making such a great course.” -T. Benton

What at completion?

Don’t worry, at the completion of the course, you’ll know all about Swift, PHP, SQL, HTML languages; about Server DevelopmentDatabases Logic CreationDatabase Structure CreationServer & Database Connection to Your App; about Creating Social App working with your own Server and many many many more. 

“Very great teacher. Teaches you a lot of new tricks that never been shown before by others.” – B. Okafor

“After I completed this course I was able to create my apps submitted to AppStore. I am very happy. People like my apps and it brings me income.” – Q. Javed

This course teaches you: 

  • Full Swift
  • Full PHP
  • Full SQL
  • Main HTML
  • Full Apache
  • Full iOS Development
  • Full Backend (server) Development
  • Database Structure Creation
  • Database Logic Creation
  • Full App Development that works synchronously with your Backend Server
  • Create outstanding Designs for your app
  • Create professional Ul and UX with deep programming
  • and many many many more
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“This course is amazing. The instructor explains how to make your own custom backend server which is something I really wanted to learn long time ago and not to depend on other backends that might be retired. He always answer our questions. I highly recommend this course!” – S. Sol

“The material is well presented and easy to follow. Great content and video / audio quality. A++” – M. Cukich

This course makes you: 

  • Professional OS Developer you can start earn money on freelance or apply for a developer job
  • Code confidently on Swift
  • Code confidently on PHP
  • Work confidently with MySQL
  • Code confidently on HTML
  • Professional Backend (server) Developer
  • Great in Web Development
  • Professional builder of Database Logics and Structures
  • Professional in creating App Designs
  • Professional in creating Web Designs
  • Able to realize any of your idea
  • Create an outstanding project and get rich

“All the lessons are so clear and very easy to follow. I am coming from Android platform and surprisingly it was very easy to follow and understand. All the php concepts are explained very well especially for beginners.” – M. Allababidi

“I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about application development from Akhmed’s courses than anywhere else.

How we’ll work?

  1. We start by installing the necessary software.
  2. I introduce you to server side: what is it, why we need it, how to deal with, how it works, how to configure.
  3. I teach you full SQL language from scratch.
  4. I teach you to work with Databases and Logics.
  5. I teach you full PHP programming language from scratch.
  6. I teach you the main of HTML and Web Development.
  7. I teach you full Swift programming language to become an advance developer.
  8. I teach you to Design and Customize Your App.
  9. We will create ready-to-publish outstanding amazing and professional iOS Social App.
  10. I teach you professional programming tricks.
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“As always he made a completely comprehensive tutorial. And also as always, I’m very pleased with my purchase. I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. Although my programming skills are increasing exponentially you’re never too old to learn more so I will buy anything he puts out. I would recommend this teacher and this tutorial to anyone serious about learning all the aspects of professional programming I would recommend this teacher and this tutorial to anyone serious about learning all the aspects of pro professional programming.” – G. Harrison

“Great course!  Came in with only knowing basic programming and left with the ability to create my own server and swift app.” – J. Buendia

You’ll get +20 hours professional video education of creating iOS app and your own backend server, including coding, learning multiple languages at once, creating user interface, learning designing, source code, graphic materials, education stuff and many many more.

Hurry Up!  It is really worth it.

All others are already enrolled in this course.

What are you waiting for?

Never hesitate to invest in yourself.

Who this course is for:
  • People wanting to create own custom backend server
  • People wanting to become Professional iOS Developer
  • People wanting to create own social network
  • People wanting to learn how to create outstanding app designs
  • People wanting to learn how to make incredible UI and UX
  • People wanting to learn deep programming
  • People wanting to learn deep animation programming

Created by Akhmed Idigov
Last updated 3/2019

Size: 2.97 GB

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