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Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows

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You will learn how to build, run, and design .NET apps using Docker – Windows for .NET Framework apps and Linux for .NET Core apps in this Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows course.

What you'll learn

  • Core Docker concepts: containers, images and registries
  • Building and running .NET Framework apps in Windows containers
  • Building and running .NET Core apps in Linux and Windows containers
  • Defining and running multi-container apps with Docker Compose
  • Breaking up monolithic apps into a distributed architecture
  • How to prepare Dockerized .NET apps for production
  • How to run containers at scale using Docker Swarm


  • Familiarity with .NET apps – from a dev, ops or architecture background
  • Access to a Windows 10 machine to follow along with the exercises


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Applications are run by Docker through lightweight computing units which are called containers. Any app can be run in a container, and this Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows course will teach you how to do it – focusing on real-world .NET applications.

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With this Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows course, you will learn how to run .NET Framework applications in Windows containers, as well as .NET Core applications in Windows and Linux containers. Afterward, you will see how to build a distributed architecture using Docker Compose to run both new and old components. In this final section, you will learn what you need to do to get Dockerized .NET apps ready for production, and how Docker Swarm can be used to run apps at scale.

The learning path in this Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows course has been honed over many years of teaching – you do not need to know any Docker at all – you will start with the basics and add more knowledge as you continue. The content of this book was refined through consulting projects, helping organizations successfully migrate their .NET apps to Docker and run them in production. As a first step in modernizing monolithic applications or migrating on-premises applications to the cloud, that can be done by analyzing their APIs.

Elton Stoneman, your instructor, is a Docker Captain and a Microsoft MVP. He has been running containers for over two years in production.

Who this course is for:

  • .NET developers who want to build and run apps with Docker
  • .NET admins who want to deploy and manage apps with Docker
  • Docker users who want to run Windows workloads in containers
  • .NET architects who want to remodel monolithic applications
  • .NET users who want to migrate apps to the cloud
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Created by Elton Stoneman
Last updated 1/2021
Size: 8.31 GB

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