Django REST API With Python & DRF (All you Need to Know

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Learn Python and Django Rest Framework to Build a Robust API (from beginner to advanced) by taking this Django REST API With Python & DRF (All you Need to Know course.



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Learn what you need to know about the Django REST Framework in this Django REST API With Python & DRF (All you Need to Know course:

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  • Utilize Django's Rest Framework to build an robust API.
  • Handle users authentication (Signup, Login, Logout … etc.).
  • API Functional Based Views (How and When to use them) -APIView- @decorators.
  • API security using Authentication Tokens and Permissions
  • Sending Parameters To The Server (API) Within The URL And Extract Them Inside Our Function Based View.
  • Create Model Class & add it to admin panel and store some Data in the Database.
  • What is Serializer , how to write a Model Serializer for a Django Model Class and serializing data .
  • How to use ModelViewSet and Routers With Serializer.
  • Search and Filtering Data Inside views.
  • How to filter data from database using two or three parameters.
  • Override Create, Update / Put, Delete, Partial Update / Patch Actions.
  • How to use Django Relationships to link models (Many To One, One To One, Many To Many)
  • How to get and show the nested data from the API response
  • How to use APIView to handle get and post requests inside views file.
  • How to get a specific object from the database using APIView get method.
  • Django rest framework API authentication with JWT (JSON Web Token) VS AuthToken.
  • How to build a custom user model in django rest framework API.
  • How To Add Extra Fields To a Serializer¬† Using SerializerMethodField.
  • How To Use THREADING To Improve API Performance.
  • How To Schedule a Task or Function To Improve API Performance.
  • Django API Permissions Using Throttling. How to use throttle to control the rate of request to Django API.
  • Deploy Django Rest API with Heroku.
  • Deploy Django Rest API to AWS.

Who this course is for:

  • This Django REST API With Python & DRF (All you Need to Know course is for beginners and intermediate developers

Created by Ayser Shuhaib
Last updated 5/2021
Size: 3 GB

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