Advanced Javascript

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In only three hours you will learn enough javascript to transform from a Junior JS Dev into a Senior JS Guru

What Will I Learn?

  • Impress interviewers with knowledge about fundamental javascript features
  • Confidently Interview other Javascript candidates
  • Pass stage one javascript telephone interviews


  • A basic understanding of Javascript (ES5)


In only three hours you will learn enough javascript to transform from a junior javascript developer into a senior javascript guru.

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You will dramatically improve your chances of getting past a technical interview, landing that dream job and earning more money.

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If you are like me you learned Javascript by just muddling along, seeing what works and learning a thing or two every day.

However, without a grasp of the deeper fundamentals, you will hit quite a few head scratchy issues, introduce bugs, find it hard to read and understand the framework and library code and won’t be considered a senior developer.

This unique Advanced Javascript course teaches you advanced javascript knowledge through a series of 20 interview questions, with regular quizzes on the way through to cement your knowledge.

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***This Advanced Javascript course covers ES5 version of javascript, the only officially supported version in all browsers***

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What are you going to learn?

  • Types & Equality: The different types in JS and how to check if two values are really equal?
  • Scopes: The different scopes a variable can be declared in and how to manipulate those scopes.
  • Object Orientation: How to perform OO in Javascript with both the Prototype Pattern and the Pseudo-Classical/Constructor Pattern.
  • Advanced topics in Networking such as CORS and JSONP.
  • Advanced topics in Event Handling such as the different event phases.

Why an interview format?

I find that it’s only when I’m facing an upcoming interview that I get into gear and really make sure I have a deep understanding of what I claim to know.

I might know the best practice for how to solve a problem, but do I know why?

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Javascript interviews are designed to dig deeper into your knowledge of a subject, see if you are just mimicking what you have read or if you have a proper understanding.

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Also, it’s FUN, what’s more satisfying than learning something, then passing a test!

Who is the target audience?

  • Any javascript developer looking to change jobs and isn’t looking forward to the interviews
  • Devs who have not done javascript in a while, are a bit rusty, and just want to freshen up on the essentials.
  • Both experienced and novice developers
  • Just about to enter the job market after a career change
  • New grads coming out of university
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Created by Asim Hussain
Last updated 9/2019
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 512.09 MB

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